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Commercial law

In practice, you regularly come into contact with commercial law. For example, every entrepreneur concludes or terminates contracts. Often this happens in good faith, but unfortunately it also happens that conflicts arise due to communication errors. That is why we are happy to assist companies with advice on day-to-day business.

Putting agreements in writing creates clarity. What are the mutual expectations and what is the consequence if one of the parties does not keep an agreement? We will be happy to think about concluding an agreement or contract with you at an early stage. This applies to one-off agreements as well as standard documents such as general terms and conditions (GTC). It is also advisable to seek our advice when a contract is terminated by cancellation, termination and/or dissolution.

Common problem areas

  • Contracts
  • Competition law
  • General Terms and Conditions 
  • Debt collection
  • Compensation and
  • Insurance Law
  • Traffic Law
  • Unfair commercial practices
  • ICT Law
  • Electronic Commerce
  • Internet Law


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