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Intellectual property

Are you an inventor or do you create works such as logos, software, books or music? Then you have to deal with intellectual property. To ensure that the rights to a design remain with you, you can protect your design. This prevents third parties from exploiting your idea and depriving you of your income, for example. We are happy to help you with the steps involved in creating intellectual property.

The best-known rights are trademark law, copyright law and patent law. Depending on what you want to protect, there are various options. We are happy to think about (inter)national possibilities with you so that you can concentrate fully on your creative work. If someone infringes your intellectual property rights, we can support you in negotiations or proceedings.

Common problem areas

  • Copyright
  • Related rights
  • Design rights
  • Trademark law
  • Trade name law
  • Domain name law
  • Database law
  • Portrait law
  • Advertising law
  • Media law
  • Technology (protection)
  • Parallel import
  • Licensing
  • Data protection law

mr. Arsen Mukuchian