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Debt collection

At some point, almost every entrepreneur is confronted with this: non-paying debtors. This is very annoying and time-consuming. What you want is a quick and efficient solution. One that doesn’t cost a lot of money either. How about calling in a debt collection agency? More and more companies are opting for a smarter solution.

Because the following also applies to collection agencies: nothing is free. Moreover, these agencies have only limited possibilities to put pressure on an unwilling debtor. Kerckhoffs Rechtsanwälte has found a smarter way, which more and more companies are opting for: the two-step approach.

As the term suggests, the collection of a debt takes place in a maximum of two steps. 

Stage one: Kerckhoffs Attorneys sends the debtor a notice of default by registered mail.

Kerckhoffs Advocaten sends the debtor a notice of default by registered letter. A letter from a law firm is not simply ignored. If necessary, we will also contact the debtor by telephone. If the debtor pays, you will receive the full amount owed plus interest within two days. Phase one costs you nothing

Phase zwei: Zahlt der Schuldner nicht, tritt Phase zwei in Kraft.

Phase two: If the debtor does not pay, phase two comes into effect.

Quickly and efficiently.
All you have to do is send a copy of the invoice you want to collect to Kerckhoffs Rechtsanwälte with the word “incasso” on it. On the same day, we will send the debtor a default summons by registered mail and thus initiate a phase-one procedure. If anything is unclear, we will contact you.

mr. Valérie Kerckhoffs

Attorney & Mediator