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Administrative law

You may also know administrative law as administrative law. It also includes environmental law and spatial planning law. This law applies to the decisions of the government. Think of bodies like the municipalities, the tax authorities or the UWV. For example, they can stop a subsidy, refuse a building permit or expropriate land. Do you disagree with such a decision? Then we can help you appeal.

Administrative law is very specific, so a case depends on the smallest details. In order to give you the best possible advice, we are happy to think about a possible solution with you at an early stage. If you cannot reach an agreement with the government, we will draft an objection notice. And if your objection is rejected, we can assist you in filing an appeal.

Common problem areas

  • Spatial planning law
  • Expropriation
  • State liability
  • Environmental law
  • Planning compensation
  • Planning permission

mr. Philippe Hardy