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German desk

We are not only neighbours, the Netherlands and Germany are also important trading partners with very good relations. Germany is even by far the largest trading partner of the Netherlands. Therefore, a lot of business is done every day between companies from Germany and the Netherlands.

There are many similarities between the two countries, but also differences, both linguistic and legal. Unfortunately, these differences also lead to legal problems between companies and residents of the two countries. In these situations, it is practical to receive good and competent advice in one’s own language.

With offices in Maastricht and Heerlen, close to the German border, Kerckhoffs Rechtsanwälte assists its German-speaking clients – also from Austria and Switzerland – in solving their legal problems in the Netherlands. A specialised team of lawyers is available to advise you in German. We do our utmost to avoid lengthy and costly litigation, but in court we represent your interests competently. In addition to legal services for entrepreneurs, we are also there for private individuals with legal questions.

mr. Sacha de Block