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Private and family law

If you decide to divorce, it is a decision that involves a lot of emotions. Can one of you keep the house, how will you divide the contents? If children are involved, it is important to arrange things as well as possible for them. We can help you with advice on personal and family law. Think about aspects such as visitation rights, division of the estate or maintenance.

Family law also includes inheritance law. This applies if the deceased has not written a will. Due to consanguinity, the partners and the children have the first claim to the inheritance. If they are no longer alive, other groups come into consideration. The division of an inheritance often leads to problems because heirs can feel disadvantaged. We are happy to help you so that these sensitive and emotional issues can be resolved quickly.

Common problem areas

  • Divorces
  • Settlement of inheritance in the case of partnerships or sole proprietorships
  • Maintenance
  • Separation of the company
  • Contact
  • Authority
  • Acknowledgement
  • Supervision
  • Moving out of the home

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